Productivity Measurement

Learn more about how productivity measurement and analysis can be used to improve the work process with significant bottom line results in the articles below.

Promoting Power Plant Construction Project Productivity

Labor Productivity In Heavy Construction Projects And
Plant Maintenance Outages

How To Cut Power Plant Outage Labor Cost
By Improving The Work Process

The Productivity Improvement Process

Faced with high costs of low productivity, the ability to optimize the productive utilization of labor is one of the greatest project management assets. Inevitably, skilled labor is a highly variable, scarce resource. It takes new insight to efficiently balance manpower with workloads and cut labor requirements. Our productivity improvement process, honed over three decades in heavy construction and maintenance projects, provides clear perception and new value.

Usually there's no lack of project data, but only real-time, reliable performance information enables managers to achieve high productivity. Much emphasis is often placed on accounting and financial measures - not enough on the drivers of value. With our Work Process Analytics approach managers will know how much value-added work is performed and what constraints cause non-value-adding and waste of labor hours.

Our Productivity Analysts measure and analyze the work process to prepare daily labor utilization reports and roadblocks to craft performance. Six Sigma data collection and treatment by our proprietary database enables easy tracking and trending of contractor workgroups. Project controls are reinforced by early detection of threatening trends and situations. Owner and constructor are thus able to minimize risk and uncertainty, reduce labor costs and shorten durations.

The above articles describe P+A Innovators’ approach and results of our productivity measurement and improvement process.