About Us

Owners and contractors alike want more from their construction labor dollars. The need for change and higher labor productivity has long been recognized, but the major industry challenge is the difficulty in obtaining reliable, actionable data.

With our robust “Work Process Analytics” Six Sigma-based technology, we provide clients real-time craft and foreman utilization data to support timely, fact-based decision making: productivity improves as the utilization of the craft workforce and the effectiveness of trades foremen improves.

Quantifying and reducing non-productive craft activity, such as excessive 'waiting' or 'walking', so often associated with heavy engineering construction and maintenance, boosts productivity and can generate labor cost savings of 20 to 30 percent, or more, through continuous process improvement.

We have established a reputation of delivering results for more than 30 years by assisting managers to do 'more with less'. We offer on-site training, and lease a suite of software to facilitate data treatment and reporting.

Clients include Kansas City Power & Light, TVA, Southern Companies, Cinergy/Duke Energy, Dynegy Midwest, Corn Products International.